Frontline Soldiers Mission Statement

The Frontline Soldiers is holistically designed to build an organized network of men and women strategically designed to foster unity, solidarity and economic empowerment toward the reduction and elimination of gang killings/violence, alcohol & other drug abuse and the prevention of HIV/AIDS to ensure a better quality of life for all.

Core Components

We recognize that women often hold the family together in light of social ills. We embrace the greatness in women as they answer the call of leadership and give support of great men.

Faith-Base Empowerment Team (FBET): There is but one ultimate authority and that one is God. This team is responsible to keep the Frontline Soldiers mission spiritually focused and to keep faith-based communities, churches and efforts involved in all we do.

Unity and Solidarity Empowerment Team (USET): This team is responsible for developing strategies designed to create a climate that promotes unity and solidarity that empowers the collective.

Economic Empowerment Team (EET): This team develops insightful economic plans and strategies for identifying and securing financial resources thus generating economic power.

Event Planning Empowerment Team (EPET): This team is responsible for developing and planning all events and activities rooted in community spirit. This includes activities such as The Gathering of Men Breakfast, unity marches, community protests, rallies and other empowerment activities. This effort includes contacting necessary parties to secure site, permits, equipment, time frame available, event set up, and logistical arrangements for events.

Mentor Empowerment Team (MET): This team is responsible for researching processes and presenting a manhood/womanhood training model for the implementation of training clinic(s) that focuses on enhancing skills that support positive transitions into manhood/womanhood.

Political Action Empowerment Team (PAET): This team serves as a voice for social policy in political arenas that result in building political alliances and updating programs efforts toward policy and service delivery.

Frontline Soldiers Hall of Fame

In 2001, Gerald Thompson created The Frontline Soldier Hall of Fame to recognize the men and women that fight every day on the frontlines on the war taking place on the streets of South Los Angeles. The Frontline Soldiers is a cohesive group of community leaders, men, women and young adults, and concerned citizens who work to empower their community to curtail the effects of violence and drug abuse.

Each year many of the community’s heroes are recognized with its “Frontline Soldier” Award at the Gathering of Men Recognition Breakfast, which is in its 10th year. In addition, the Mentee of the Year Award is awarded to youth who have completed the Pathways Youth Leadership Development Program. The current action is the Los Angeles Countywide “Stop the Killin” Campaign where our youth are actively involved.

Frontline Soldier Recipient and Year Inducted

Year: 2001

Kenneth Rikey, Edward Turley, Charles Norman, Jim Smith, Rodney Brown, Khalid Shaw, Steve Goldsmith, and Glenn Scott

Year: 2002

Linda B. Thompson, Mary Coleman, Terrell Turntine, Cecil McLinn, Terdric Johnson, Eric Stephens, Kenneth Jordan, Brenda Bell, Kent Swift, Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, Mayor Larry Guidi, Dr. Perry Crouch, Luther Keith, Jr., William Burgess, George Tejeda, Hector Marroquin,Leon Gullette, London Carter, Lloyd Wilkey, Henry Toscano (fallen soldier), Andre Forte, Richard Overturf, Carl Simmons, Pastor Austin Williams, Pastor James Lobdel, Rev. Eric Jones, Rod White, Christopher Randall and James Jacobs

Mentees of the Year

Darnell Young, Charles Weeks, Rickey Porter, Mike Ruiz, Kendrick Gaines, William Hobbs, Donshay Williams, Hassan Brooks, and Edwin Lee

Year: 2003

Ernest Austin, Ben Stephens, Maria Palacios, Rev. Alfonzo Washington, Bishop Edward Turner, Jacquie Stephens, Gerald Burgess, Brad Carson, Quentin Drew (fallen soldier), Andrew Henderson, Jai Rich, Kevin Mustafa Fletcher, Robert Naranjo, Vicky Lindsay, Meschellia Johnson, Rita Norwood, Sheriff Lee Baca, Deputy Chief Earl Paysinger, Inglewood City Councilmember Curren Price, and Los Angeles Councilmember Jan Perry

Year: 2004

David Kobrin, Steven Tucker, Rev. Leonard Jackson, Miguel Gomez (posthumous award), Art Cases (posthumous award), Aquil Basheer, Henry Brown, Dwight Radcliff, Rod Simmons, Kenneth (KB) Bell, Kenneth Mitchell, Jhayne Eddy, Gloria Montana, Inglewood Police Officer Nicole Loudermilk, County of Los Angeles and 2nd Supervisorial District Chief of Staff John Hill

Mentees of the Year

Antwione Simms, Keith Franklin and Andre Christopher

Year: 2005

Bill Gay, D’Andre Cole, Samuel Bingham, Pastor Jonathan Lee, James Harris, Rev. Dr. Lewis Logan II, Minister Tony Muhammad, Doris Dillon, Gwen Bolden, Debra Reid, Inglewood Police Officer Robert Cavazos and Los Angeles Councilmember Bernard Parks

Mentees of the Year

Casey Price and Antoinisha Jordan

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