PTYF Success Story:     Gregoriana Gladney


Ms. Gregoriana Gladney came to Pathways To Your Future on October 2, 2008 as a referral from a Los Angeles homeless shelter. She is a resident in our Pathways to Success Emergency and Transitional Housing Program. As Ms. Gladney's case manager and mentor, I've watched as she transitioned from being indecisive to setting and accomplishing short term goals for her future career. What is amazing about this 19 year old native is her positive attitude is always reflective of a truly good-natured and fun loving young lady. Here at Pathways To Your Future our mission is to return to our community self-sufficient and productive young people. Ms. Gladney has definitely surpassed all stereotypes concerning the youth of today and in January 2009 she received the "Most Improved" award from PTYF, one of the many incentives designed to raise individual's self-esteem. Today Ms. Gregoriana is enrolled in American Career College, and we will look forward to attending her graduation for what we probably all can benefit from, our own personal "Massage Therapist". Ms. Gladney volunteers her time to distribute food to the needy families in South Los Angeles and attends weekly bible study with her church after leaving school. What a blessing! "Thank you Ms. Gladney for allowing me to be a part of your life".

Danje Jackson, Senior Case Manager

Hi, my name is Gregoriana Gladney. Pathways To Your Future has changed my life around. In life I want to start my own business for Massage Therapy. I want to change people's life that has been raped, doing drugs and being abused in their families. Come to Pathways To Your Future and tell them your situation, they will help you with anything you're going through. I thank God for being here.

Listen people, if you don't have anyone to turn to, come to Pathways, we will make sure you're safe. I love going to school, and I believe education is the way to get ahead in life. It's not to late to get help; if you're scared and feel you have no one to talk to, call me, maybe I can help too.

God Bless To Everyone and Keep Your Head up. God Is Protecting You No Matter What!

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