PTYF Success Story:     Marcus C., Roshanna A. & Marcus, Jr.



This young couple has been residing at Pathways To Your Future for several months. Marcus stated that if it wasn't for Pathways To Your Future he would probably be incarcerated once again. Before he came to Pathways To Your Future he was living a dangerous, hopeless life without any plans for the future. Pathways to Success Emergency and Transitional Housing Program has kept him off the streets of L.A. and from engaging in a negative lifestyle that would jeopardize his well being and his relationship.

They have much love and respect for Mr. Thompson and the program. They also expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards staff members for all the support they've been granted during their times of need.

Roshanna came to reside at Pathways To Your Future in July of 2008 and Marcus came shortly after the birth of his son in January 2009. He could not bear to be apart from his new family. Marcus is a very loving, and patient father. Despite his youth he is very responsible in providing proper care for their son. Marcus, Jr. was born with kidney failure so this has definitely been a very difficult and painful situation for them to cope with. He has dialysis 7 days a week. Marcus and Roshanna are certified to give Marcus, Jr his dialysis treatments. They spend most of their time in the hospital, leaving them with little, if any, time to focus on themselves. However, they are grateful to be in a place where they are understood, loved and supported. Their immense love for their son and the staff here at Pathways To Your Future, keeps them strong and motivated to keep moving forward and keeping their dreams alive. They plan to get married once their son's health improves and have found some stability in their lives.

They agreed that Pathways To Your Future has helped them out by being a great support system they know they can always count on, among many other aspects. Such as, being mentored and being directed onto a righteous path. They believe that with help from Pathways To Your Future they are well on their way to meeting their goals and becoming independent young adults.

Submitted by,
Mercedes Mendoza
PTYF Intern
May 14, 2009

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