"Success does not have limits"

Our goal is to facilitate the movement to permanent housing homeless transition age youth (TAY), ages 18-24, who are willing and able to work towards self-sufficiency by providing housing, and supportive housing services. These supportive housing services include, but not limited to counseling/case management; employment preparation and referral; alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse prevention, intervention and education; mental health referrals; gang intervention; public benefits; referral to outside services; independent living skills; community involvement; and recreation.


Pathways to Success (PTS) Emergency and Transitional Housing Program in Los Angeles County provides transition age youth (TAY), ages 18-24 years struggling with maintaining independence and who are unserved or underserved, including those who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, and or youth aging out of foster care, child welfare, and juvenile justice. The PTS Program offers case management seven days per week to provide a safe, secure, and supportive environment. Residents can reside in the program for a period of up to 24 months with flexibility to ensure the achievement of the program goal financial self-sufficiency and independent living.

Daily Structure

The case manager evaluates each resident's needs through the intake process. All residents must agree to follow the program contracts. This will include, but not be limited to, curfew, employment, schooling, community groups, budgeting, individual treatment planning, family involvement and abstinence from all mood-altering substances.

Resident Services

A case manager will provide individual case management to all residents of the program. All treatment plans, goals, and objectives will be based upon each individual's needs. This will include life skills, crisis intervention, coordinating services with community resources, and implementing vocational and educational programming. Residents are educated in goal-setting and learn to achieve goals by making better choices.

Specialized Services

  • Case managers and caseworkers will be available 7 days per week to support residents throughout their stay in the program
  • Individual case reviews are scheduled monthly to aid in accomplishing goals set upon at admission, always addressing independence and evaluating resident progress.
  • Referral and aftercare planning.
  • One to one Mentoring
  • Community involvement/linkage
  • Permanent housing options
  • Participate in leisure and "fun" activities

Length of Stay

Resident may reside up to 24 months

Ages Served:

18-24 years

Intake Criteria

  • Transition age youth 18-24 years of age
  • Los Angeles County Resident
  • Free of serious substance or alcohol abuse problems
  • Agree to abstain from mood altering substances
  • Potential residents must sign the program contract indicating their commitment to conform to program rules, regulations, and treatment plan prior to admission
  • NO one will be accepted into the program against their will

How Do We Measure "Success"

Success is when a youth grows and achieves his/her goals. He/she grows emotionally and feels as though he/she has taken the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Success does not have limits.

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