We have over 30 years of experience with managing and operating homeless programs. Our objective is to assist in building relationships between property owners/developers and non-profit organizations that currently provide homeless housing services — or seek to do so in the future.

Our communities are overwhelmed with the homelessness crisis and Los Angeles residents have voted to increase taxes to solve the problem. We offer hands-on support to guide you through the bureaucracy and put those tax dollars to good use for shelter, transitional and bridge-housing programs.

For more information on how CERC can assist you in homeless and low-income housing investments and programs, please contact Gerald E. Thompson at [email protected].


CERC has contracted with investment group One Roof LA Management, LLC, for operation and management of their transitional and permanent housing programs for several homeless sub-populations, including Transition Age Youth (TAY — ages 18 to 25), veterans, families, the chronically homeless, and individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.