What better time to shine a light on this American tragedy? Pathways to your Future (PTYF) has been super busy this month, moving 18 homeless Transition Age Youths into permanent housing. During Homelessness Awareness Month — and the other 11 months of the year — our mission is to create long-term solutions for this crisis.

More than 552,830 people were homeless on a typical night in 2018 and nearly 2.5 million youth experience homelessness every year. The devastation of losing a home is only the beginning of what these youths have to endure. The dangers of living on the streets are well-documented and include everything from a greater likelihood of drug abuse and addiction to becoming the victim of violent crime and trafficking.

During the month of November, we would encourage everyone to do what they can to increase their understanding of the homelessness problem and learn about the many resources available to help. There are countless ways to donate and volunteer, starting right here.